2nd Winners Event-Wow Factor-Cheyl Penn Hidden & Evie Go

Chreyl Penn Hidden with Bourkes Luck Pot Holes

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Gee, I was so amazed and honoured to have a 1st Placing for my photo. Being of such personal significance, it has made me quite teary.

The photo of Bourkes Luck Pot Holes came about after my parents passed away. I really wanted to go and visit the area, that they travelled to annually in Mpumalanga (North Eastern area of S. Africa). This has amazing natural geological rock formations, waterfalls and is also near our Kruger National Game Reserve. They would travel in their “Trekliner” – equivalent to an RV.

To be making this journey, which was an emotional tribute to my parents, for me, I needed to travel in the footsteps of my parents and visit all the places that they did – to discover the attraction that Mpumalanga (then called the Eastern Transvaal) held for them.

I was in awe of the vast mountainous area. Where to start ??

The Bourke’s Luck Potholes are undoubtedly one of the area’s finest attractions.

This natural (and most beautiful) water feature, formed over thousands of years by water erosion, marks the beginning of the stunning Blyde River Canyon – one of the largest canyons in the world and said to be the world’s largest ‘green canyon’.

The Bourke’s Luck Potholes occur at the confluence of the Treur and the Blyde rivers. Over the eons, the swirling, eddying, and plunging waters of the Treur River, waterborne sand and pebbles in tow, formed huge cylindrical potholes in the bedrock of the Blyde River. Mother Nature’s vast forces left us with a truly stunning natural phenomenon – absolutely fascinating geological sculptures delightfully ‘painted’ in fantastic white, yellow, and reddish brown hues.

I hadn’t quite thought of potholes as being amazing, works of natural art…. potholes were to be filled in roads as quickly as possible, but I was enthralled. A 700 metre path alongside the potholes leads one to the bridge, which one can cross (safely) to the other side to sit on the rocks, dabble feet in the little stream making its way down to the water below and relax watching tiny fish.

Other places of interest in the area which we visited, which can be googled, are “God’s Window” and “The Blyde River Canyon”, “The Three Rondavels” apart from many waterfalls which my parents used to speak of, and other historical places.

Evie Go – Angkow Wat.
I dont know what to say abt the Angkor Wat pic…except that i have always wanted to see the ruins & never got the chance until some FB friends who loves to travel also started planning & we all just got together & set it! It was kinda scary, as I dont know these people. We all just met at the airport & it turned out to be one of our best vacations ever! We had so much fun! I love my FB friends all over the world!  I used my Sony TX5