From My Garden – Day 41 – Rose Bud

From My Garden – Day 41 – Rose Bud

I love my roses and this plant has got a new bud, follow the adventures of my rose here.


From My Garden – Day 40 – Succulents

From My Garden – Day 40 – Succulents

Although we live in a dry area there are a few succulents growing on a few cut down trees.


From My Garden – Day 37 – Red

From My Garden – Day 37 – Red

As I don´t know the names of the majority of the flowers in my garden I am calling them colours, heheday-37

From My Garden – Day 36 – Fig

From My Garden – Day 36 – Fig

We have one solitary fig in the garden and although it is not an ideal environment for it we have high hopes. day-36


From My Garden – Day 32 – Grasshopper

From My Garden –  Day 32 – Grasshopper

This little grasshopper was relaxing in the sun on a stone, he has great patience and let me get really close up with the camera before hopping away. day-32



From My Garden – Day 31 – Alfalfa

Day 31 Alfalfa

Alfalfa is very popular in Ecuador as feed for the cows so there is loads of it.



From My Garden – Day 28 – Strawberry Flower

Day 28 – Strawberry Flower
Our strawberry plants are a little sad and sorry for themselves, they don´t die but they don´t prosper either. Hopefully this is a good sign.



From My Garden – Day 26 – Capulí

Day 26 Capulí

A short while ago I posted a photo of a capuli flower, this is the fruit that the tree produces, and it changes colour over time to black. They are out early this year as the rains came early.

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From My Garden – Day 23 – Purple

Day 23 – I took a photo of this flower a while back, there were three buds, click on this link to see the photo. Here we have the next stage, the petals are coming out of the bud. This is the closest bud from the previous photo.


From My Garden – Day 22 – Just a cute little flower

Day 22 Just a cute little flower.

We have some of these flowers out front, they are very cute and make great macros. They are some of my favourite flowers that we have.

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From My Garden – Day 16 – Seeds

Day 16


These are possibly the most annoying seeds ever, they stick to everything, including the dogs, they are ugly plants, skeleton like and we have them all over, they grow so quickly we have trouble controlling them.

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From My Garden – Day 14 – Detail of a Tocte

Day 14

Detail of a Tocte

These trees are similar to walnuts but local to South America, we have two of them bu they are still very small.

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From My Garden – Day 11 – Bud 3

Day 11

Have you been following the progress with the unidentified bud? The first of the flowers came out today, so cool, there are still more of the buds to flower so over the next few days there will be more updates.

Nikon D7100 toina macro lens 100mm,  1/3200, f/13,  ISO 1000.

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