From My Garden – Day 33 – Carnation

From My Garden  – Day 33  – Carnation

Carnations are lovely and so easy to grow, at least I think so. We don´t have many of them but we are slowly taking cuttings and growing more. day-33

From My Garden – Day 13 – Flowers

Day 13

The last update on our unidentified flower is here, the 5 buds have opened now and the first to open is looking a little sorry for itself.

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From My Garden – Day 11 – Bud 3

Day 11

Have you been following the progress with the unidentified bud? The first of the flowers came out today, so cool, there are still more of the buds to flower so over the next few days there will be more updates.

Nikon D7100 toina macro lens 100mm,  1/3200, f/13,  ISO 1000.

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From My Garden – Day 9 – Bud part 2

Day 9

Remember a couple of day ago, the first photo of the bud, well, here we have the second in the series, you can see it has opened up a bit and we still don´t know what the name of the flower is, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nikon D7100, tokina macro lens,  1/4000,  f/9, ISO 1600

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