From My Garden Day 45 – Mirlo

From My Garden  Day 45 – Mirlo

These birds are also common, just like the tortola and they fly around in pairs. day-45.jpg

From My Garden – Day 44 – Cactus

From My Garden – Day 44 –  Cactus

We have a few of these all a long the front fenceday-44

From My Garden – Day 43 – Tortola

From My Garden – Day 43 – Tortola

Similar to pigeons but a local variety called tortola. They are all over but they seem to like this tree loads.


From My Garden – Day 42 – Dead Leaves

From My Garden – Day 42 – Dead Leaves

Eucalyptus leaves fallen on the ground and very much dead.


From My Garden – Day 41 – Rose Bud

From My Garden – Day 41 – Rose Bud

I love my roses and this plant has got a new bud, follow the adventures of my rose here.


From My Garden – Day 40 – Succulents

From My Garden – Day 40 – Succulents

Although we live in a dry area there are a few succulents growing on a few cut down trees.


From My Garden – Day 38 – Lambs Tails

From My Garden – Day 38 – Lambs Tails

Hubby wants to cut this one down, but I am working on him about that, time will tell.


From My Garden – Day 37 – Red

From My Garden – Day 37 – Red

As I don´t know the names of the majority of the flowers in my garden I am calling them colours, heheday-37

From My Garden – Day 36 – Fig

From My Garden – Day 36 – Fig

We have one solitary fig in the garden and although it is not an ideal environment for it we have high hopes. day-36


From My Garden – Day 33 – Carnation

From My Garden  – Day 33  – Carnation

Carnations are lovely and so easy to grow, at least I think so. We don´t have many of them but we are slowly taking cuttings and growing more. day-33

From My Garden – Day 32 – Grasshopper

From My Garden –  Day 32 – Grasshopper

This little grasshopper was relaxing in the sun on a stone, he has great patience and let me get really close up with the camera before hopping away. day-32



From My Garden – Day 31 – Alfalfa

Day 31 Alfalfa

Alfalfa is very popular in Ecuador as feed for the cows so there is loads of it.



From My Garden – Day 30 – Apple Blossom

Day 31 Apple Blossom

Such joy when we saw this, ok the tree is so very small still but it is still amazing to see it.


From My Garden – Day 29 – Onion

Day 29 Onion
The never ending onion flower, it just flowers and flowers day after day with no change.



From My Garden – Day 28 – Strawberry Flower

Day 28 – Strawberry Flower
Our strawberry plants are a little sad and sorry for themselves, they don´t die but they don´t prosper either. Hopefully this is a good sign.



From My Garden – Day 27 – Weed

Day 27 Weed

Nothing really exciting to say about this as after all it is just a weed, but I like the way the light catches it.

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From My Garden – Day 26 – Capulí

Day 26 Capulí

A short while ago I posted a photo of a capuli flower, this is the fruit that the tree produces, and it changes colour over time to black. They are out early this year as the rains came early.

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From My Garden – Day 25 – Bees

Day 25 Bees

As you know we have some hives in our garden and after some recent rain one of our hives separated and we were able to catch them again as they stayed close by and regrouped in the corner of our property so we got out one of our empty boxes and put them inside.

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From My Garden – Day 24 – Butterfly

Day 24 – Butterfly

This was a great opportunity today, as the butterfly was sitting quietly on the window of our sun room, I waited for a while as I was rather busy and when I finished up what I was doing I got the camera out and put on the macro lens and the butterfly was still sitting there minding it´s own business. I got off a few shots and decided this was the best.


From My Garden – Day 23 – Purple

Day 23 – I took a photo of this flower a while back, there were three buds, click on this link to see the photo. Here we have the next stage, the petals are coming out of the bud. This is the closest bud from the previous photo.