Creating a sense of depth in photography

Creating a sense of depth in photography

Photography is in two dimensions so it is a good idea to add a sense of depth to the scene, this will help the viewer’s explore the photos rather than just glance at them. But how do we do this?

Assure there is foreground, mid ground and background interest, if you can, if not, foreground and background, (use layers). An interesting foreground can make or break an image. Here are various rocks in the foreground, then a hill and finally in the background a volcano.

Use leading lines / Change your viewpoint.  The tracks in this case lead the viewer’s eyes to the houses in the background. And the viewpoint is lower than normal, with diagonal lines.

Frame the foreground/ Shoot in portrait. The arches create a wonderful frame and lead the eye through the arches.

Converging lines, the vertical lines lead to the building and converge with the horizon.

Use a wide angle / Change your viewpoint. When you are using a wide angle lens you can include more in the frame, and getting down slightly closer to the ground you can create a different viewpoint.

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