From My Garden – Day 24 – Butterfly

Day 24 – Butterfly

This was a great opportunity today, as the butterfly was sitting quietly on the window of our sun room, I waited for a while as I was rather busy and when I finished up what I was doing I got the camera out and put on the macro lens and the butterfly was still sitting there minding it´s own business. I got off a few shots and decided this was the best.


From My Garden – Day 23 – Purple

Day 23 – I took a photo of this flower a while back, there were three buds, click on this link to see the photo. Here we have the next stage, the petals are coming out of the bud. This is the closest bud from the previous photo.


From My Garden – Day 22 – Just a cute little flower

Day 22 Just a cute little flower.

We have some of these flowers out front, they are very cute and make great macros. They are some of my favourite flowers that we have.

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From My Garden – Day 21 – Hard Work

Day 21 Hard Work.
All the wonderful flowers don´t just pop up on their own, I wish, but there is loads of hard work involved and hubby does most of it. Here we see him cleaning out around the base of one of our peach trees we planted a few months ago, it is still a little tree and requires some careday-21.jpg

From My Garden – Day 20 – Cotopaxi Volcano

I am always saying from my garden, not of my garden and today’s photo is a view from my garden. The Cotopaxi Volcano in the Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador. This volcano is a stratovolcano with a height of 5,897 m (19,347 ft). Last August 2015 it woke up again and this photo was taken yesterday when it decided to huff and puff a little. Taken from my front garden.


From My Garden – Day 19 – Honeybee

Day 19 Honeybee

We have three hives full of honey bees so there are all over our garden, they love the dandilions they are a favourite and we have loads of them.

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From My Garden – Day 18 – Pine

Day 18
Here we have a pine cone in our front garden which we are training to be a Christmas Tree, this is a detail of one of the branches.

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From My Garden – Day 17 – Ring

Day 17 – Ring

A little change today and rather than  nature photo of a flower, bud or leaf I have chosen to share a photo of something man made. A ring to attach a padlock to close the gate.

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From My Garden – Day 16 – Seeds

Day 16


These are possibly the most annoying seeds ever, they stick to everything, including the dogs, they are ugly plants, skeleton like and we have them all over, they grow so quickly we have trouble controlling them.

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From My Garden – Day 15 – Triplets

Day 15


There are three buds in this photo but there are a bunch more on the plant, they flower into an amazing purple flower which I will photograph later on.

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From My Garden – Day 14 – Detail of a Tocte

Day 14

Detail of a Tocte

These trees are similar to walnuts but local to South America, we have two of them bu they are still very small.

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From My Garden – Day 13 – Flowers

Day 13

The last update on our unidentified flower is here, the 5 buds have opened now and the first to open is looking a little sorry for itself.

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From My Garden – Day 12 – Capulí

Day 12

This is a blossom from a Capulí, this is a local tree, called Wild Black Cherry in english, see the wikipedia link here. It is very common here in Ecuador and we have loads of them in and around the garden. It has blossomed very early this year so we expect the fruit to be early also.

Nikon D7100, tokina macro lens,  1/2500, f/8, ISO 1000


From My Garden – Day 11 – Bud 3

Day 11

Have you been following the progress with the unidentified bud? The first of the flowers came out today, so cool, there are still more of the buds to flower so over the next few days there will be more updates.

Nikon D7100 toina macro lens 100mm,  1/3200, f/13,  ISO 1000.

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From My Garden – Day 10 – Ladybird

Day 10 – Still going strong, there are so many things in my garden that you really don´t even see, you need to “look” in a different way to see them. I didn´t even see this ladybird when my husband and I were wondering around, he saw it, so thanks to him I was able to take this one.

Nikon D7100, 1/2000,  1/9, ISO 1000

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From My Garden – Day 9 – Bud part 2

Day 9

Remember a couple of day ago, the first photo of the bud, well, here we have the second in the series, you can see it has opened up a bit and we still don´t know what the name of the flower is, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nikon D7100, tokina macro lens,  1/4000,  f/9, ISO 1600

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From My Garden – Day 8 – Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus trees are sort of a plague here in Ecuador, they grow really fast, require next to no water or care and strip all the healthy nutrients from the soil around them, but they smell really nice and we use them for a fence in the front garden along the road. This trunk is growing in another part of the garden, along the fence with one of our neighbours and is stripping it´s bark and there are cute curly bits.

Nikon D7100,  tokina macro lens 100mm,  1/250, f/ 9   ISO 1250

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From My Garden – Day 7 – Bud

This is the first in a series so we can follow the budding flower.

Out of nowhere suddenly this bud grew, ok, well we did plant this a few months ago but we thought it has died, so imagine our surprise when this popped up, we thought it is a Nardo (name in spanish) when we planted it, but we checked online and we decided it isn´t. so this is where we would like some help, Can anyone identify this bud, it is from a bulb, is is growing is sandy earth at high altitudes, 3000 masl.

Nikon D7100, nikkor 50mm lens,  1/8000,  f/2.8, ISO 500

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From My Garden – Day 6 – Zambo

We grow Zambos here, they are a native plant to the Americas and I find them easy to grow, they grow like weeds, there are people who make soup out of them but I cut them up into small cubes and add it to my dogs rice that I cook.  Here is a wikipedia  link so anyone interested in reading more.

Nikon 7100, Tokina marco lens 100 mm, 1/2000, f/8

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From my garden – Day 5 – Silhouette

This was a difficult one to get, lying flat on my tummy, looking into the setting sun, camera in hand with two adorable (hahaha) dogs running around and jumping on me and the flowers. I know it i not the best of photos, but I like it, I might, I say might, because I also might not, try another one of these in the future.

Nikon 7100, macro lens 100 mm, 1/500, f/11, ISO 100

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