Action / Fast Shutter Speed Photography

For this style of photography you´ll need a fast shutter speed, try and use a 500th or faster, but from around 250th is considered a fast shutter speed, this will also depend on what you are shooting and the light conditions. If it is a low light day then you can give the ISO a boost to get a faster shutter speed.
First of all plan ahead, make sure you are standing in the correct place. This can make or break your photo. And also using the correct lens/focal length also helps.

Pre focus on the place that the action will be. As your subject is moving then it is difficult for the camera to focus in time for you to actually take the photo, so again, plan ahead and pre focus . You can do this by focusing on something that is is the line of your subject, switch to manual and then the focus is locked. And you could always try panning.

Use the burst mode on the camera, this allows you to keep the shutter button down and take multiple photos, use the burst mode in short bursts rather than one long one or you will need a decent fast memory card or the buffer will fill up, then the camera will stop taking photos, . Another tip is to use jpeg as it saves to the memory card faster than RAW.

Leave some space for you subject to move into. As the subject is moving fast this will allow you a little time to get the shot. Not much time, but better than none. Always keep in mind composition.

When photographing people see if you can get the face. Not an easy task I know. But give it a try anyhow. You never know the expressions you might capture.

You can also use the flash to free the moment.

Have a go a shooting with both eyes open, might take some practice but it allows you to determine depth and you can track movement.

As always practice, and then practice some more.

You can download this as a pdf for you too print, share and enjoy.

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